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Event Schedule

2018 Way Out West Event Schedule


Friday 2nd March     Champions Lakes Regatta
4:15pm-4:45pm     Course and Bike Familarisation
4:00pm-5:00pm     Registration for All Athletes
5:00pm-6:00pm     Compulsory Race Briefing
      Race Package Distribution
Saturday 3rd March     Champions Lakes Regatta

Body Marking/Bike Check-In (Holding Area) **All Athletes

Parking on Island is allowed between (5:30am-6:15am)

6:00am     Open/U23 Transition Open
6:15am     Swim Warm-Up
6:25am     Open/U23 Roll Call (Male/Female)Male/Female Start
6:30am     Open/U23 Male Start
6:33am     Open/U23 Female Start
Junior Women- Qualifying Race 
7:00am- 7:15am     Junior Women Transition Open
7:15am     Swim Warm-Up (Junior Women)
7:25am     Junior Women Roll Call
7:30am     Junior Women Race Start - Qualifying Race

Bike Check-In (Youth A/B)- Parking on island is allowed between this period only

 Junior Men- Qualifying Race 
8:00am     Junior Transition Opens (Junior Men)
8:15am     Swim Warm-Up (Junior Men)
8:25am     Roll Call (Junior Men)
8:30am     Junior Men Race Start- Qualifying Race
Youth A/B Women- Qualifying Race       
9:00am     Transition Open (Youth A/B Women)
9:15am     Swim Warm-Up (Youth A/B Women)
9:25am     Roll Call (Youth A/B Women)
9:30am     Youth A Women Start - Qualifying Race
9:35am     Youth B Women Start- Qualifying Race
Youth A/B Men- Qualifying Race      
10:00am     Transition Open (Youth A/B Men)
10:15am     Swim Warm-Up (Youth A/B Men)
10:25am     Roll-Call (Youth A/B Men)
10:30am     Youth A Men Start- Qualifying Race
10:35am     Youth B Men Start- Qualifying Race
Junior Women- Final A/B      
11:00am     Transition Opens (Junior Women)
11:15am     Swim Warm-Up (Junior Women)
11:25am     Roll Call (Junior Women)
11:30am     Junior Women Race Start- A Final 
11:35am     Junior Women Race Start- B Final 
Junior Men- Final A/B      
12:00pm      Transition Open (Junior Men)
12:15pm     Swim Warm-Up (Junior Men)
12:25pm     Roll Call (Junior Men)
12:30pm     Junior Men Race Start- A Final 
12:35pm     Junior Men Race Start- B Final 
1:15pm     Presentations 
2:30pm     Venue Close
Sunday 4th March     Champions Lakes Regatta

Holding Area Open (Body Numbering)- Parking on island is allowed between (5:30am-7:15am) 

Youth Women A/B- Final       
7:00am     Transition Opens (Youth Women A/B)
7:15am     Swim-Warm-Up (Youth Women A/B)
7:25am     Roll Call (Youth Women A/B)
7:30am     Youth Women A Start - Final A
7:35am     Youth Women A Start- Final B
7:40am     Youth Women B Start- Final A
7:45am     Youth Women B Start - Final B
Youth Men A/B - Final      

Transition Opens (Youth Men A/B)- Parking on the island is allowed between (8:00am-8:15am)

8:15am     Swim-Warm Up (Youth Men A/B)
8:25am     Roll Call (Youth Men A/B)
8:30am     Youth Men A Start- Final A 
8:35am      Youth Men A Start- Final B 
8:45am     Youth Men B Start- Final A
8:50am     Youth Men B Start- Final B 
Mixed Team Relay      
9:00am     Mixed Team Relay Team Posted
10:00am     Transition Open (Mixed Team Relays)
10:15am     Swim Warm Up (All Teams)
10:25am     Roll Call (All Teams)
10:30am     Mixed Team Relay Start
12:30pm     Venue Close